Left at Black Chasm

Discussion in 'New York - South' started by Eli Golden, Feb 5, 2017.


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  1. Eli Golden

    Eli Golden New Member

    I left a pair of sunglasses on a rock near Black Chasm Falls on 4 Feb. If anyone finds them please let me know. Much obliged.
  2. nick

    nick Member

    Me and a buddy might head up to black chasm tomorrow. What were the conditions like? We'll keep an eye out for your sunglasses if we end up there.
  3. Eli Golden

    Eli Golden New Member

    Not mega fat, but decent. We were on Black Chasm Falls and Instant Karma (which we TR'ed as a mixed line) The were other parties on The Advocate, The Window, and I believe Dan and the Devil. Plenty to do. Definitely left my shades on a rock opposite climber's left side of the falls. May have slid off onto the ground. If they're still there and you can snag em for me I'd be much obliged.
  4. nick

    nick Member

    Thanks man. I'll let you know if we find them.

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