Lake Willoughby update 2/20

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by Rockytop, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Plenty of good ice to climb on Saturday at the Lake but a number of the harder routes are not in. (ie Called, Last Gent, Promenade, all not in or not touching down)
    The fat flowing routes are best and safest.
    Plug N' Chug looks doable but gnarly and the topout might be questionable. Renormalization is fat with a very steep line on the left and easier in the right. A party was climbing it as we left the amphitheater. Mindbender was a little sketchy looking, and somewhat sun-rotted but still climbable but heady near the top. The topout is very sketchy and I'd recommend threading near the top rather than scratching around in the mud. (I took a clean 30+ footer off the very topout where it rolls off. My tool ripped out of semi-frozen moss and rotten ice, just as I reached for another placement in the frozen log up there. So, consider yourself warned)
    Glass Menagerie was great (but very wet by afternoon) and has many good challenging lines. 20 Below was in good shape as was Crazy Diamond. The Tablets looked excellent as well. With cold nights, the fat flows should hold up fine and even build.
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    Thanks for the update and glad the whipper worked out!

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