Katahdin Conditions

Discussion in 'Maine' started by Brian Threlkeld, Jan 17, 2016.


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  1. Brian Threlkeld

    Brian Threlkeld New Member

    Anyone been up to Chimney Pond in the last week? How are things looking? Heading in a week from today and hoping to find snow on the road and ice in the gullies!
  2. Chris Neil

    Chris Neil Member

    Bump. Interested as well.
  3. powdergibbs

    powdergibbs New Member

    Wasn't in Chimney, but this will be better than nothing...shots taken 1/15/16

    Abol was like hiking a frozen icy sandpile. Tablelands are covered in thick breakable aerated water ice crust with chickenheads the size of golf balls. Tough shinbashing travel conditions exist. Pamola routes/Chimney/Waterfall/ had a lot of yellowish neve as seen from the summit. Pray that it isn't anything like whats on the tablelands. Ice routes need a lot of work, but things look favorable for forming in the upcoming week.
    IMG_7657.JPG IMG_7660.JPG IMG_7661.JPG
  4. Brian Threlkeld

    Brian Threlkeld New Member

    Thanks powdergibbs!

    Heading up on Sunday for a night at Roaring Brook followed by 3 at CP. Gunning for the Ciley-Barber as long as it's looking good!
  5. Marissa B.

    Marissa B. New Member

    Brian, any condition updates from your trip? Thanks in advance!
  6. Brian Threlkeld

    Brian Threlkeld New Member

    Conditions were lean but good up in the South Basin. Not much snow. Ciley-Barber has a huge parasol over the crux which looks like it could be navigated safely by parties stronger and faster than us! We went to the top of the first snowfield on the route, looked at the crux, and decided to head right into the Black Gullies. Lots of perfect styrofoam neve, however constant spindrift in the more choked off sections of the gully we climbed thru during the storm on Tuesday was quite exciting! Summit down to the saddle is a mix between water ice and breakable crust onto of a few feet of snow.

    Pamola ice cliffs looked great, of the various Furies, the left looked the best. Chimney is lean snow, Ciley-Barber goes, Chauvin-Cole looked pretty thin, too. We didn't have any current conditions beta before we went in, so hope this helps!
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