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    Rolled up for a casual stroll around the ravine with the hopes of skiing but with low expectations. Try to stay away on weekends and was reminded why yesterday! With perfect temps, low wind, and great ice and snow for climbing it was ( by Huntington standards) a very busy day. Multiple parties stacked on Odells, Pinnacle, Yale, and Damnation. I think after two hours of mucking around there were still parties that had not moved from the base of some climbs. All that said, there is still great ice to climb in the ravine. Be aware that the snow is super super low tide. Skinning in was spicy to say the least. The season is NOT over yet. Took a look at Frankenstein on my way home. Somewhat depressing but from Dracula north there is still what appears to be some good climbs. Willard is completely gone.

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