Huntington Ravine

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by Flashpump, Feb 5, 2016.


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  1. Flashpump

    Flashpump Member

    Was there FEB 5th...late start so got to the base of the gullies when the wind was picking up so visibility was limited. Everything is pretty bare of snow so there is some bush waking to get to most climbs. There were some wind slabs because of the new snow today so be aware. Keep the crampons or switch to micro spikes for the garden...barely any snow at this point but plenty of ice.

    South: did that as it was sheltered from the wind until the garden. Pretty bony in some areas, some snow slogging in others, some neve, some bare ice...a full cocktail. The main ice bulge was still having a significant amount of water running under it. The last section before the exit was all neve so that was nice. Wind slab at the left exit to the garden so be careful.

    Odell's: hiked to the base of the flow and it looked to be in great shape. 2 teams where on it and they where getting hammered by the wind. Hope they got it without a hitch.

    Pinnacle: couldn't see, sorry.

    Central: looked bony but the bulge looked nice...couldn't see the top. Some guys seemed to be backing off of it though.

    Yale: the bottom curtain looks plump...couldn't see the rest

    Damnation: the ice looks good and fat from a distance...probably worth it

    North: same as damnation
  2. Austin Mills

    Austin Mills New Member

    Went up Mt Washington today. Can't say for sure but talked to a group that said Pinnacle is in good shape. Second hand so take it for what it's worth.
  3. adoherty88

    adoherty88 New Member

    I did Pinnacle on Saturday. It was in great shape, plenty of ice! Rock hopped to get to the base in microspikes and put them back on shortly after the climb.

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