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Discussion in 'Vermont' started by Tfarr, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Tfarr

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    Went up Hidden this afternoon. PLENTY of snow (ankle to shin, to waist to chest in some places) not a ton of ice. More S'nice then anything else. Route would likely take stubbies in specific spots bu much of the lower half of the route is thin-ice/s'nice or snow. The Amphitheater needs more time to set-up. Not a ton of easily protect-able viable options up there right now. Did the right variation and rapped the free hanging rappel into Easy Gully. Down Easy was fun glissading for much of it but good ankle-breaker snow/debri in the talus lower down before you get to the trees.

    IMG_7218.JPG IMG_7220.JPG IMG_7225.JPG
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    Conditions in Hidden haven't changed. Still a lot of snow to wallow through, not much in the way of protection. Did the right finish and cleared the entrance to the cave. Grand Confusion looked climbable, but maybe not protectable on the upper section. Grand Illusion is thin down low, thickens higher. Photos later.

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