Harvard Cabin Report - 12/22/2015

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    December 22, 2015

    Greetings Harvard Cabin Mountaineers,

    I hope everyone is keeping sane out there. Winter just refuses to get going this season. Before I start another extremely wet uphill slog I wanted to send out my best holiday wishes to all. Marcia and I will again be at the cabin for Christmas and hope to have a friend or two to share in our holiday feast. The holiday ham is packed and ready to head up hill.

    The cabin has seen a steady stream of visitors and over night guests this December. This is no surprise, as there is no ice to climb in the valleys. We've enjoyed the uptick in December traffic. It does make the suffering easier to bare. I like to welcome back the Quebecois after last seasons' hiatus. We missed the strong French Canadian presence last season.

    While things appear to have gone from bad to worse, there has been plenty of protect-able ice in the ravines. However, the latest dousing is underway with still warmer temperatures predicted for the Holiday. I'll be interested in seeing the aftermath. Particularly in O'dell. It could be quite humbling.

    Patience, patience, patience....seven seasons in and this year has been a particularly difficult start, but we are making the best of it. If the incredibly pleasant late season climbing in the Gunks doesn't have you extending your draws into the new year, by all means come hang-out at the Harvard Cabin. We'd love to see you. Avoid the torrents of liquid and you'll get something done on Mt. Washington. It seems like we've had rain every other day this December. The in-between days have been super pleasant. Watch the weather!

    While I don't think Santa, Jack Frost, or ever Tinkerbell has enough hocus-pocus to make all our Christmas wishes come true, Google somehow delivered a little holiday cheer....not sure how this happened, but I thought you might enjoy Google making it snow in Huntington. It's an old photo, so don't get too excited. Anyway, I appreciated the thought...how did they know?

    ~Hope for a snow filled 2016~

    Have a Happy Holiday Everyone! Think Snow,

    Rich Palatino
    Harvard Cabin Caretaker

    Rich and Marcia - Cabin Caretakers 2015/16

    NOTE - Harvard Cabin is not affiliated with the Appalachian Mountain Club. Harvard Cabin is maintained by Harvard Mountaineering Club for use by the general public. The cabin is operated under a special-use permit granted by the USDA Forest Service. Cabin space and tent-sites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis between December 1st and March 31st each year. Specific instructions for staying at the cabin can be found online at http://www.HarvardMountaineering.org/cabin

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