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Discussion in 'Gear For Sale' started by jayj, Apr 11, 2019.


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    I haven't been climbing the last few years and I'm finally getting around to selling what I have left--hopefully you can put it to use! Some of it I bought for an expedition that didn't happen and the items are unused (I've noted those items below). I live in Dublin, NH and I'd prefer to sell stuff in person so you can see what you are getting--I'm willing to meet at a location between us--but I'm also willing to ship at buyer's expense. Also, I'm giving preference to those who buy in bulk so I can minimize the amount of transactions. I have pictures of everything and can send them along as needed. Please message me with any questions.

    BD Venom ice tools, leashes, 2 extra picks and pick tool; $90 $80
    BD Skylight tent, ground cover, extra poles; $90 $80
    BD Sabertooth crampon (automatic), anti-balling plate, toolbox (2); $70 (better), $50 (okay)
    LifeLink snow saw; $10
    BD Carbon fiber snow probe; $30
    MSR Reactor stove, large matching pot; $80 $60
    MSR Sweetwater water filter, new & old hoses; $20
    La Sportiva Mythos rock shoes, size 43; $30 $20
    Metolius chalk bag, chalk in Nalgene bottle; $5
    Snow Peak Gigapower canister lantern; $10 $5
    MSR XGK stove (unused), extra pump, 2 fuel bottles, expedition repair kit, gas filter; $100 $80
    MSR SimmerLite stove, titanium bottle, gas filter; $30
    Metolius personal anchor (2); $10 new, $5 used
    Nut tool (2); $5 $3 each
    BD ATC belay device (2); $5 each
    11 oval; mix of BD and Omega; $1 each
    2 BD “D” auto locking belay; $8 $5 each
    1 Omega “D” screw lock belay; $7 $5
    4 Petzl “Attache” belay; $4 each
    10 BD Hotwire (unused); $4 each

    Collection of Russian topographic maps for western Sichuan Province, China. Free to someone planning an expedition in the area.

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