FS: Pairs of Nomics, Quarks, Matrix Tech Axes and Cyborgs Crampons

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    Selling off our old fleet of gear. Please call the EMS Climbing School if interested or have questions. 1-800-310-4504 ext 2. We take credit cards over the phone for payment. Prices include shipping with UPS

    Petzl Nomic Pair $350 pair. Sold Out

    Petzl Quark Pair $300 pair. 1 pair available

    Grivel Matrix Tech $200 pair 2 pair available

    BD Cyborg Crampon $75 Sold Out

    Sell Off 004.JPG Sell Off 003.JPG Sell Off 002.JPG Sell Off 001.JPG
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    Updated the original post with what's still available

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