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  1. neiceadmin

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    Fast Ice, an electric tool for placing ice screws. What does everyone think about this new tool?

    I think I will keep placing ice screws by hand.
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  4. Bill Kirby

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    You guys are unreal sometimes.. have you even tried the drill?

    I picked one up and I love it! It's great for those grade 2 routes are really 3+. The best use I found was that they drive screws in better than by hand. The screws are also stronger when set with the fasticeclimb system. That comes in handy when toproping the first 30 feet of North End Slab or the 1st pitch of Multiplication Gully on the weekend.

    I recommend trying this thing out. This thing, XDreams and the LaSportiva G2s will make you an instant hard man.
  5. Mike R

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    I probably posted this last time this tool was discussed, but I was power drilling screws 10 years ago. 13 cm BD in 6.1 seconds:
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