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Discussion in 'Vermont' started by wewidlund, Feb 9, 2016.


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  1. wewidlund

    wewidlund Active Member

    The notch received about 2 inches of snow (max) over the last 24 hours. Made the road ski marginally better although pavement hits occurred. Hiked up Easy to find:
    Grand Confusion; Fat, protectable at 3+
    Poster Child: Pillar not really down
    Grand Contusion: If you really wanted to....
    3 Sheets: Not really
    Grand Illusion: Thin, really thin, actually no ice for first 60-70 feet, then thin
    Dominatrix and ?: Thin.

    The playground looks like there are significant horizontal fractures on both columns.

    Photos are in the conditions photos.
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  2. Tfarr

    Tfarr Petra Cliffs Guide Northeast Ice Climbing Guide

    Was also up there today. Workout Wall and Jeff's have plenty of ice though not fat like you would expect in February. Ice climbers right all the way to the North amphitheater has plenty of options to climb.
    Looked like ENT has plenty to climb. Blue Ice Bulge and Blind Fate area had plenty of ice. Even looks like Cass' Gully could be climbed as an Ice/Alpine-ee route instead of it's usual snow slug to ski descent. Maybe WI2+/3- for a couple pitches.

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