Drool of the Beast 1/10/17

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by NEAlpineStart, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. NEAlpineStart

    NEAlpineStart Member

    This is in pretty great shape! I only followed it once about 12 years ago and it was definitely not in (no ice first 20-30 feet)...

    Today I got to lead it. It got a little squirrelly in spots (when it gets tight don't face right) but otherwise was super fun. 5- is accurate as there are pretty good rests between the techy bits but you definitely notice the techy bits.

    Get it while it is so good! Video from the day:

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  2. shoo

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    Oh man that looks great! Might have to give that a run in the next few days. . .

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