Devil's Kitchen

Discussion in 'New York - South' started by Brettinnj, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Brettinnj

    Brettinnj Member

    Does anyone know if there is enough ice in the kitchen worth making a 100 mile drive?
  2. bob perna

    bob perna Member

    we drove 4 hours from pennsylvania sunday and enjoyed great conditions on buttermilk falls !! talked to a local guide at the parking pull off who said " climbs were being done in the kitchen " . we were climbing in the kitchen several weeks ago (lead 2 routes) it was thin but had good to very good screws, so it has to be better now and worth the drive.
    hopefully a local will also add there report for you . enjoy !!!
  3. Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy Well-Known Member

    We were there a week ago. Was a bit rough. Delaminated in sections, thick layer of tinsel, lots of running water. Should be pretty good right now. Was thin up too on all the routes. From the cave up through the middle looked awesome with cool features, but we only topped the left which was only half bonded, and climbed a 4 on the right that we put screws in but really the only good gear was a couple tiny cams 15 feet from the top. Definitely worth the drive. It was worth my drive from philly and we only did a day there.
  4. Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming that mini warm up didn't kill everything. They had pretty good bases to them. Full disclosure.

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