Climbing to be banned on Niagara Escarpment

Discussion in 'Climbing Access' started by deadpoint, Oct 12, 2016.

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    I strongly urge all of you to follow the below link and follow the OAC's instructions to submit a letter the Ministry of Ontario so we can try and preserve these climbing areas in Southern Ontario!

    Taken from:

    The Government of Ontario has been conducting a co-ordinated land use planning review since February 2015, and in its latest draft, rock climbing has quietly come under attack.

    The OAC believes the proposed Niagara Escarpment Plan amendments put rock climbing access at significant risk, especially within Ontario Parks. Ontario climbers could lose 50% of Escarpment climbing areas, including Lion’s Head.

    We, the Ontario Access Coalition, have been representing climbers throughout this review. We’ve provided extensive feedback and attended meetings to offer advice for the future management of rock climbing in Ontario within the Niagara Escarpment Plan as part of the Provincial co-ordinated land use planning review.

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