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Discussion in 'Partners' started by North Ridge Mountain Guides, Dec 2, 2017.

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    I'm hoping to find a few new climbing partners for the season. I live in Bethlehem and have been climbing for 10 years. I lead ice to WI4 and can follow anything. Shot me a line if you need a safe climbing partner.
  2. YvesD

    YvesD Member

    Hi . I would have to confirm as I am not too sure yet about my future program but I am always willing to climb with an additional partner. I am also leading 4/4+ when back in shape and am currently living/working in Cambridge (MA). Have no car and have all the gear including double rope. Have been climbing in the NE btw 2004 and 2013 while working in NYC. Yves
  3. joseph_the_red

    joseph_the_red Climber, medic, dog dad

    I’m down for low-key days. Recent work-related injury has limited me to primarily top rope or following. I could probably scrape my way up some 4s behind you. I live in Nassau and typically climb in the Adks and a little in the Catskills.

    I’m definitely a safe climber... perhaps overly cautious now.
  4. YvesD

    YvesD Member

    No problem from my side to do some less strenuous stuff. The only issue I can see is that from Cambridge (MA), I am just 2 to 3 hours from Vermont or New Hampshire, whereas to go to the Catskills it will be four hours and to the Dacks five hours, so not really possible for a one day trip.
  5. JDZ

    JDZ New Member

  6. Peter T

    Peter T New Member

    I live in Plymouth NH, have most weekends off and one day during the week Every other week as well. I have been climbing ice for 3 or 4 seasons. Started leading WI3+ last year but only got out about a dozen times. This year I'd like to at least double that. Have all req gear.
  7. YvesD

    YvesD Member

    At this stage, I am not sure any more who is answering to whom , but I should be available in early January to do some ice climbing maybe possibly during the week. I do not mind doing it at whatever level as long as it is good ice climbing. Have been climbing in the NE from 2004 to 2013 before going back home and then coming back to Cambridge.

  8. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    I’ll second what YvesD just said. Not sure who is talking to whom but I live in Portsmouth (NH), have been climbing ice in the Whites for 5 seasons now (I lead WI3/3+), have weekends free from work, and would like to meet a few new climbing partners. I’d really just love to spend more time outside this winter so low-key TR days are great and so are the longer/tougher ones. Have all my own gear, safety always first, and have a reliable car with snow tires.

    I check my email regularly too so drop me a message if you want to get out.

  9. YvesD

    YvesD Member

    Jeremy. Thank you. No problem. I have some time off between the 20 and 24 and should be available at least one day for climbing either in Smugglers Notch or in Frankenstein conditions permitting .
  10. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    Sounds good YvesD! I'll drop you a PM and we can get connected with contact and schedule details.

  11. Vadim Kuklov

    Vadim Kuklov New Member

    Hey y'all I hope I'm not too late to the party. I'm free for the next week or two and looking to get out. I have several years of trad experience but I'm a newcomer to ice and I'll be coming from Boston, so if you're ok with easy stuff and top-roping I would be happy to follow!
  12. mat schottenfeld

    mat schottenfeld New Member

    I am looking for partner for a few days between Dec 23 - 29th for Daks.
    I am driving from NYC. lead solid 4. have full rack/rope whatever. can follow W6, M8
    30 years experience. I can go for any or all of these days. my other partners doin the xmas thing.
    please let me know ASAP, today hopefully. I am from the Bivy good old days :)
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  13. IndianOnIce

    IndianOnIce Always looking for partners.


    My name is Karn, I'm an alpinist from India. As part of my journey to discover and climb ice in North America, I'm going to be in the Dacks (and around) for a month - starting Jan 14th. I'm looking to get out and climb as much as possible, i'm free every day.

    Let me know if you want to rope up (not just for OP, but for anybody) I'm happy to climb any grade, but it will take me a few days of good climbing before I can lead WI5 (we have a very different type of ice here).

    [email protected]
  14. kaojax

    kaojax New Member

    I am looking to follow / TR lots of ice this winter and continue to build my skills. Willing to travel from the New Brunswick (NJ) area. I have all personal gear needed and enough gear to set a TR anywhere.
  15. Brandonian

    Brandonian Member

    Dm me if your not in going to the Lake Placid/Keene areas
  17. Hey peter I live in Plymouth as well I know it’s an old post but text me if your still in need of a partner for 2018-19 season
    Charlie B. 603-254-4547
  18. kaojax

    kaojax New Member

    To echo last year,

    I am still open to to follow and TR lots of ice this winter as a weekend warrior. Willing to bundle up and belay you on your project in exchange your some of your knowledge and wisdom. I am also happy to go out top roping with someone new to the sport just looking to get out.

    Have car and willing to travel from the New Brunswick (NJ) area. Expect to climb mostly in Eastern PA, DWG, and the Catskills.

    DM me here on this forum or email me at [email protected].

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