Chapel Pond & Pitchoff condition

Discussion in 'New York - North' started by VB72, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. VB72

    VB72 New Member

    What are the latest update on the ice condions. Jan 20, 2017
  2. VB72

    VB72 New Member

    Thanks Tom, i was looking to get the latest for today with the warm weather.
  3. Tom DuBois

    Tom DuBois Well-Known Member

    Sorry. I drove through yesterday and things looked pretty solid. Chouinards, Crystal, Dead Rabbit all looked climbable. Didn't get a good look at Power Play. Forest rangers were doing some kind of training in the AM, about 15 Ranger Trucks parked at the pond pullout. It has not been too warm here today - about 34F, some sun, but the climbs there don't get much sun. I think there's plenty to do there.
  4. VB72

    VB72 New Member

    Thanks for your input, really appreciate it
  5. bendito

    bendito Member

    Got up to Chapel Pond this past Friday the 20th. Big Brother was feisty.
    IMG_4710.jpeg IMG_4713.jpeg IMG_4736.jpeg
    Patty's looks like pure joy.
    Power Play was very friendly.
  6. Nol

    Nol Member

    Things in Cascade Pass were delaminated and wet. But in good shape to rebuild even stronger this coming week it looks like
  7. Bernard 514

    Bernard 514 Member

    Cascade was very thin in many places and several holes were visible in the ice. Green gully was in good condition.
  8. pappy

    pappy Member

    Got pretty warm on NSOP on Sat., over 40 anyway. Even so, Central Column, Tendonitis, Arm & Hammer, Moss were all fat and friendly. Screw and Climax looked doable, just didn't want to hike up there with so much closer stuff. It stayed warm Sat. nite, probably did not crack freezing, and mid-30s on Sun, but I'm guessing everything hung in well.
  9. Bill Kirby

    Bill Kirby Active Member

    Thursday and Friday were outstanding. No crowds at the Canyon or the Pond. Multiplication Gully was running water and hero ice Saturday. Knob Lock was our savior and better than expected Sunday. The Pass was foggy and mobbed with climbers by 10am. The ice can be safe and good even today if you know where to look.

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