Chapel Pond area conditions for 12/21/16

Discussion in 'New York - North' started by BlueLineYeti, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. BlueLineYeti

    BlueLineYeti Member

    Chouinard's Gully is in good with a few spots of running water here and there. The CG walk off has a boot track to follow to get you back down to the base without having to rap over/through other parties climbing up the route.

    Dog Leg is fun but thin climbing down low and brittle up top.

    CIT is in and looks the same as a week ago which means it will take screws fine but it isn't in fat yet.

    White Line Fever is looking good.

    Power Play wall is coming along.

    The ice on Chapel Pond varied in thickness from 3" to 6" (according to my unscientific test of trying to hack through it with my tool)
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  2. Larryk

    Larryk Active Member

    Anyone know if the Chapel Pond area took a big hit from the recent rains and warm temperatures?
  3. leydetd

    leydetd Member

    I second Larry's question!
  4. Good question Larry.
  5. Mike Hazard

    Mike Hazard Member

    Saw multiple parties today gearing up for Chouinard's. Climbed Midnight Cruiser, Quinn the Eskimo, and Positive Reinforcement on Wednesday. Everything is coming in pretty nicely for the early season. Midnight Cruiser was a bit scary for the last 15-20 feet - thin, unbonded ice, unfrozen turf top-out. TR'd some stuff at Pitchoff Quarry today which is coming in too... speaking of I left an EMS puffy and OR mittens in a ball under a rock there that I threw off quickly to climb and forgot to repack. Ugh. Hopeful that they find their way back to me somehow! Will definitely reward for their safe return.
  6. Mike R

    Mike R Well-Known Member

    Mike, by all means post to the L&F forum on Mtn Project and let the ADK guide services and the Mountaineer know about your lost goodies.
  7. Mike Hazard

    Mike Hazard Member

    Luckily a friend picked it up for me this morning! Won't make that mistake again..

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