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Discussion in 'New York - North' started by Sam, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Sam

    Sam Member

    Hey everyone, just wondered if anyone knows how the conditions look in the Catskills? Thinking about heading up to the dark side of Platte Clove with the cold weather we're having this week.
  2. Mike R

    Mike R Well-Known Member

    Disclaimer - I have absolutely no real knowledge of conditions there. But my gut feeling is that you'll find enough to keep you busy as long as you don't mind some toprope action.
  3. Sam

    Sam Member

    Mine too....just need to find a partner! Been itching like anything to get out and climb even if it's top roping
  4. davenass

    davenass New Member

    Was down I
  5. Sam

    Sam Member

    Thanks for the beta Dave!
  6. TaiG

    TaiG Member

    I did a fairly thorough scout, today, of the areas not in a ravine, including: The Chasm, Moores, Asbestos, Upper and Lower Dark Side, Bridalveil Falls (because it was there), and Herdman Wall.

    In a few words: thin, sketchy, building.

    There is sort of stuff to climb, but it's few and far between - and unless you solo, it's all delicate TR. That said, the bones are in really good shape - and hold a lot of promise for a solid (albeit shorter) season. If people can control themselves for another week, and let the cold weather really settle in, things should be pretty good by next weekend. As it is, this weekend... Head to the Dacks.
  7. MikeJ

    MikeJ New Member

    Visited the tops of the Buttermilk and Wildcat Ravines over the weekend... both are building, very wet and a lot of de-bonded ice. There are a lot of hangers, so anyone in there needs to be cautious. There really isn't anything climbable just yet (a few grade 3's are "climbable", but involve some mixed with a lot of de-bonded hollow sections, so just not quite worth the risk yet). Also visited the Kitchen... thin, wet and building, but nothing climbable. Head up to the Daks or over to NH for at least another week.

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