Catskills 02-11-16

Discussion in 'New York - North' started by Mountain Skillz, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Mountain Skillz

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    The cold weather has finally arrived in the Catskills. Unfortunately it didn't start turning into ice building cold on Monday like we all had hoped. It turned into the kind of cold that allowed the ice that survived the last warm up to well........survive. Hopefully this weekends cold shot will really get things going again. Sounds kind of grim but I'm sayin what I'm seein is all. With all of that said the Catskills does have ice to climb. It's just doesn't look like you would expect for President's weekend.

    Asbestos-no ice as of Wednesday
    Herdman-no ice as of Wednesday
    Hobo-no ice as of Wednesday
    Stoner Clove-climbable
    Deep Notch-climbable
    Kitchen-has climbable routes
    Dark Side-climbable
    Ravines-climbable but as of Monday the middles were completely blown out(they are building though)
    Moores-climbable but leading would produce grey hair
    Palenville-maybe two ice sickles as of Wednesday
    Platte Clove Waterfalls-waterfalls with ice on the sides
    Black Chasm-saw white lines from Saugerties
  2. SpencerB

    SpencerB New Member

    Thanks for the update!

    Any idea if the predicted really cold weather for Saturday and Sunday will still allow ice to grow over the weekend? Or will it just lock up all the water?
  3. Gary Scavette

    Gary Scavette Member

    Thanks for the honest report. It's still worth the drive. I'll be up!
  4. Mountain Skillz

    Mountain Skillz Climbing Guides Northeast Ice Climbing Guide

    Oh the ice will grow! That for sure. Just letting folks know what to expect when they getting into the parking area and start lacing up the boots.
  5. Cris

    Cris New Member

    Does anyone have an update on cats conditions? I would like to head up this weekend but I'm scared the warmer temps and rain may have destroyed everything. Thx!
  6. Simon Thompson

    Simon Thompson New Member

    Walked into the base of buttermilk yesterday and as to be expected it was gushing and pouring all over the place. Not much looked safe and certainly not climb able without getting soaked. The creek was raging and with not much ice/snow it takes considerable time to find a good crossing down stream of parking at the normal spot. Moores wall looked thin and somewhat delaminated. I suspect things were starting to build again but will take a big hit of Saturday's forecast comes true.

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