Cassin X Dreams rattle

Discussion in 'Gear Talk / Reviews' started by Derby, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Derby

    Derby Member

    I've had a pair of the X-Dreams for almost two years now, with moderate usage (30 + or - times per season). Love them, but...
    I've noticed that the grip, which can be adjusted from "ice" mode to "dry" mode, which changes the angle of the grip by 15 degrees or so, has an annoying tendency to loosen ever so slightly. I have only used them in ice mode. I have had to really crank hard to fully tighten them, but now I've got one tool that will not tighten. The slight rattle is just a bit disconcerting, not exactly confidence inspiring though. I will still climb on them unless someone out there has info that makes me rethink this. What experiences or info do X-Dream users have?
  2. Bill Kirby

    Bill Kirby Active Member

    I have a pair of X Dreams that have over a hundred days easy on them and I haven't had this happen. I do know one other person that's happened to. He loosen the grip enough to switch the tool to dry mode. I believe he then put the grip back in ice mode and tightened it down with a hex socket attached to a 3/8 ratchet. I would try that and if it doesn't work email Camp. I've had good experiences with Camp's warranty dept.

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