Camden 1/5/16

Discussion in 'Maine' started by Brian Oelberg, Jan 5, 2016.


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  1. Brian Oelberg

    Brian Oelberg New Member

    Barrett's Cove
    Right Cataract, IMAG3080.jpg
    Bixler's Way IMAG3081.jpg

    The top of Right Cataract hasn't formed, very little ice on Bixler's Way.
    Left Cataract, Everdrip and Joe's Route looked better.
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  2. Brian Oelberg

    Brian Oelberg New Member

    Meh. Things melted in the sun.
    Waterville is coming along but grassy on top. IMAG3166.jpg 1/8/16
    Everdrip is fragile and thin, and dripping. IMAG3126.jpg 1/6/16
    Big rainstorm on Sunday isn't going to help...
    IMAG3128.jpg IMAG3130.jpg IMAG3118.jpg
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  3. Marissa B.

    Marissa B. New Member

    Hi Brian,
    Have you been to Camden lately? Heading there this Friday and hoping all isn't melted in the warm weather this week. Thanks!
  4. Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy Well-Known Member

    I might go down today or tomorrow for curiosity reasons, but likely no climbing. I will take some pics so stay tuned.

    This warm streak isn't going to help your Friday trip, its 50 out in Bangor/Brewer area right now, and NH where i just came from is also very warm in the valley and even in the higher summits it's warming up. Doesn't look like that's changing for the better until after this week.
  5. Brian Oelberg

    Brian Oelberg New Member

    I would imagine the faces will be nice and dry for rock climbing. Haven't been there this week but I can't imagine there's much ice left, and we will get forty degree rain tomorrow.
  6. Marissa B.

    Marissa B. New Member

    Thanks folks. I'm heading there for the weekend to visit an old friend and partake in the Toboggan Championships (hopefully the lake will be frozen!), but it sounds like a swimsuit and a Hawaiian shirt would be better used than ice gear.

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