Brandon Gap, The Great Cliff, Mt Horrid Beta?

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by GDT, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. GDT

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    Anyone with beta on this area? Its looking like a big nasty playground forming at the moment. Unfortunately approach times are probably several hours long with rappels in. I can not find any historic climbs in this area even though some of these slabs and launch ramps look like they go at W2 with huge columns forming on the main cliffs. There is limited info on scattered rock climbs in the area. But no ice beta? If anyone is looking for a day of bushwacking and staring at ice crystals drop a PM. In the mean time check out some of these formations.




  2. pappy

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    Dude, your eyes deceive you. There's no ice in Brandon. None. Zero.

    But pretty much everything visible there has probably been climbed (other deluded people, there isn't actually any ice there), even the pillar on the right wall (that actually doesn't exist).

    As for beta, it's only about a half hour to the top of Horrid via the LT even in deep unbroken new snow, assuming you brought snow shoes. From there you can figure out your own rappels, single two rope rappel will manage the main cliff, pretty sure a single rope will do the wall with the pillar. Let us know if you find anything, pretty sure it's a waste of time. No ice in Brandon.
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    Just remember kid's, it's south facing. If you are going to get after it do it fast. They come n they go.
    that's what she said
  4. GDT

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    Yes good sir. An AT setup gets you up and down in about and hour with weight, always need to eat the cartilage with that back monkey shoved full of ropes while blazing glades on the way down. Oof. Rapping, jummaring, and descending the slabs are great for claiming conditions and testing these structures except for when a column collapses...slabs look like a fun slide too... I was thinking ape style ground up through the talus would be a the real killer on hours if you were wading and bouldering talus the whole way, but much more pain in the ass filled with the authentic mexican burrito send if these so called ghostcicles exist and are set...all day adventure regardless of method....but no send beta? seen them for years and never had that itch. Where are those crazed crackcicle addicts at?... Hiding in plain site limiting those possibilities of yet another crag becoming feces infested...sure makes it a whole bunches of work while they are there. Secrets? All the secrets!
  5. GDT

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    My thought was a night approach with scouting during dawn before contraction begins and any movement occurs. Slabs may be a better option if one is not inclined to play in the dark.

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