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  1. Tim Gotwols

    Tim Gotwols New Member

    I'm thinking about new boots, does anyone have a recommendation for a boot that's a bit wider? Does any manufacturer offer extra wide?
  2. Hi Tim,
    my forefoot is insanely wide, so I've been struggling with this issue for a long time for boots of all kinds. I know I'm not the only one with a wide foot, so I'm also eager to know what people are wearing.
    Currently I have Scarpa Phantom Guides and La Sportiva Spantiks. Neither is wide enough, but I manage with very thin ski socks.
    I have a hunch that some German or Austrian brand may be wider than the Italians.
  3. AThomas

    AThomas Member

    Salewa offers wide boots.
  4. FrodoADK

    FrodoADK New Member

    Hey Tim,
    I wear the Salewa Vertical Pro (Wide), and have found them to be a solid boot. They have an odd adjustable shank, but it's fully ridged when locked in. Pretty warm boot for being pretty lightly lined. Not great for standing around a lot, but on the move my feet stay plenty warm. The fist is a pretty consistent 4mm wider than standard. This leaves me with a little extra volume in the heel, as I have a wider forefoot but narrow heal. They might be a little hard to find to try on, but plenty of online stores have good return policies (like

    To extend the conversation, do any of you have problems with having too much room in the heal of wide boots? Any suggestions on ways to keep the heal locked down ... lacing techniques? insoles? heal cups??
  5. Dirk E

    Dirk E New Member

    Does anyone have experience with any of these boots: Scarpa Phantom Guide, La Sportiva Nepal Cube, La Sportiva Trango Ice Cube. Specifially, one wider than the other, better fit for a low volume foot? Differences in the Nepal last and the Trango Last? Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  6. Gary Scavette

    Gary Scavette Member

    Take a look at the ASOLO Alta Via GV. I also have wide feet and was concerned about finding an appropriate fit. The heel cup fits snug yet the boots accommodate my wider feet.
  7. Tula

    Tula New Member

    Yea, Salewa is good.

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