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Discussion in 'Gear Talk / Reviews' started by RPDoucette, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. RPDoucette

    RPDoucette Member

    I am shopping for a new pair of boots for ice climbing and mountaineering. Looking at various Sportiva models, and there are just enough choices to be confusing. Nepal Cube, Trango Ice Cube, Batura... If you have climbed in any of these please let me know what you think. My feet are relatively narrow, and run a bit warm. I dont need a lot of insulation, but I like a boot I can use for long approaches.
  2. Billy Bevans

    Billy Bevans Member

    Where are you going to be ice climbing ? and What kind of future aspirations, plans do you have in mountaineering ?
  3. rocknice2

    rocknice2 Member

    Don't limit yourself to a particular maker neither.
    The best is to go to a store and try on a bunch of boots.

    All those boot models you mentioned above fit different. The Trangos being the narrowest.
  4. neiceadmin

    neiceadmin Doug Millen Staff Member

    I agree with rocknice2, a good fit means a lot, and they all fit differently.
  5. Jacon

    Jacon Active Member

    Fit is everything. But instead of trying each boot on for 5 minutes at the store, plunk down like $4k in credit with one of the online retailers, wear each set of boots around the house for 5-6 hours, and send all the losers back. Some places will even pay shipping both ways.
  6. Billy Bevans

    Billy Bevans Member

    Haha 4K on the card, two boot sizes for each boot....thin socks, thick sock, and I do agree with the above.. fit is absolutely everything..There really are no bad boots on the market.. just wrong boot for the condition...
  7. Mike R

    Mike R Well-Known Member

    Or you could spend $40 in gas to drive to New Paltz and spend an hour with the folks in Rock & Snow. They carry all the LaS ice boots and are happy to match any price you find elsewhere.
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  8. dillbag

    dillbag New Member

    I bought three pairs, took them all to the local gym and did a few TRs in addition to walking around the house for a few hours... Found the "climbing" fit was hard to replicate at home.

    Totally worth the temporary credit card bill and quite entertaining to have so many shiny boots in front of the couch!
  9. RPDoucette

    RPDoucette Member

    Reporting back:
    I tried on the three Sportiva boots of interest to me, once the damn things were finally in stock. The Nepal Ice Cube seemed pretty stiff in the ankle, but that would likely soften once the boot was broken in. the Trango Ice Cube was really nice, but likely too thin for a mid winter all around boot. It doesn't have much rocker either, so I worried about how well it walks on a long approach. I bought the Baturas. They are wicked light, warm enough, very flexible in the ankle, and the built in gaiter is nice. Very expensive, but I had just the right amount of credit at IME. I've climbed in them several days now, and they are great. Less heel lift than any boot I have ever had...
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  10. Will Murphy

    Will Murphy New Member

    Thanks for updating your post with what your choice was.
  11. Luc-514

    Luc-514 Member

    Got the Batura also, great technical boot, light, flexible ankle but.
    Minimal rocker meaning I wouldn't do long approach/mountaineering with them.
    Ankle is also too soft to provide protection/support for mountaineering & french technique.

    LS G2 SM look great, a friend has them, might try them next season but he like others are on the fence when it comes to the BOA laces.
    FYI Baturas are getting dropped for the G5 which will replace the laces with a boa lacing system as well and drop Goretex for an in-house product to lower the overall price of the boot.

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