Black Dike

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by nightclimber, Nov 16, 2015.


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  1. nightclimber

    nightclimber Member

    We climbed the dike yesterday. The saying "thin is in" was truly applicable to how the conditions are up there right now. P1 : mostly well bonded thin unprotectable ice. P2: thin ice going up to the rock traverse, then no ice in the hose for 40ish ft, after the grade eases of a little the ice there and would take a stubby in places. P3: started out on ice, then after a short steep parasol capped headwall turned to mostly loose snow covered rock. I would say overall the Dike is claimable, but far from "in"... If you need lots of ice DO NOT GO!!! I will try and post some pics later. Follow the link to pics...
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  2. Max Forbes

    Max Forbes Member

    Looks super thin! Nice job, not sure if I would have wanted to be up there!
  3. rbirk

    rbirk Member

  4. nightclimber

    nightclimber Member

    I did post some photos in the media section. And I will try to see what I can do about the link later this evening.
  5. nightclimber

    nightclimber Member

    the link should work now!
  6. rbirk

    rbirk Member

    Thanks! Interesting conditions!

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