Avalanche/Cascade Pass Observations

Discussion in 'New York - North' started by wintersmind, Feb 20, 2017.

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    I drove through Cascade Pass and skied (did not climb) through Avalanche Pass yesterday and thought people might be curious about what happened in the warmup.

    Avalanche Pass: Adirondike is hanging tough, was climbed by unknown party. Warmup also climbed by same party, though I was impressed by their boldness as it looked marginal to me (delaminated). Trap Dyke is fine, mostly still buried in heavy snow except the two usual bulges that had some ice left. I did not get eyes on Avalanche Mountain Gully. Dream within a Dream is not even close, I was surprised at how thin it looked with no evidence of recent icefall.

    Cascade Pass: Took a major hit throughout the day, based on morning vs. afternoon drive-by observations. Lake was not safe to cross. Several parties were on Pitchoff climbs, apparently toproping, but picking around the edges and it seemed a generally depressing conditions situation. I do expect major flows will survive but in a funky state for a while at least.
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    Thanks for the update wintersmind. Were the climbs on the south side of cascade pass (3 flows, feeding frenzy, cascade) as bad as the ones on the north side? I reckon the climbs on south side face north and receive little sun.
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    The Cascade lost a lot of volume through the course of the day, rebuilding seems necessary. I didn't make direct observations of other climbs on that side but heat and humidity (and rock convection of heat) were as much of an issue as sun, so I would approach anything there requiring work on lead with skepticism.

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