Auburn Ice Canyon

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    Directions to Auburn Ice Canyon Access Point

    This approach is shorter than or as short as most current approaches, although it may seem longer because you don't see the canyon until you're there. Approach time: 10-15 minutes on flat trail through woods. The Auburn Land Trust owns the land.

    Take Rt 90 W to Exit 10a to Rt 20 W, as usual. Go about 1.5mi on 20W and turn left on Westec Rd. Westec is after the RK Worcester Fair plaza, the gift chalet, and the trailer park. Find a place to park. Consider asking permission; please be polite & respectful!

    Carefully cross Rt 20. On weekdays, plan to return before rush hour. If
    necessary, there's a light almost a mile to the west.

    Go to the power line cut that is easily visible to the west, and take the
    obvious trail under the power lines. Follow the trail as it leaves the power
    line cut to the right. When you come to a T, turn right, but pay close attention
    so you'll recognize the turn on the way back. Go straight until you pass through
    a gap in a fence. You're at the head of the canyon, which extends to your right.
    Go along the near side of the canyon to get to the descent.

    For those with GPS:

    Beginning of trail at Route 20:
    42d 12.415'N 71d 48.690'W

    Trail leaves power line cut: 42d 12.434'N 71d 48.754'W

    Turn right at T intersection: 42d 12.553'N 71d 48.942'W

    Go through break in fence: 42d 12.737'N 71d 48.851'W

    Head of canyon (top of headwall): 42d 12.782'N 71d 48.830'W

    (The last 2 points are quite close together.)

    Total distance from Rt 20 to head of canyon: 0.4 mi, 10 min


    My 2 cents as very frequent Auburn user:

    The owner of the Chalet over the years has been rather unhappy about ice climbers parking and walking through her property. (I'm sure with good reason because of the BIG groups that show up on weekends, etc.)

    Jen is right that the 'alternative' power line has been posted as the recommended approach over the past few years.

    I personally would still recommend the power line approach even though the parking situation is somewhat worse. This approach is basically on public land. If you walk through the Chalet, you will be in the owner's property and discretion.

    This is the great US of A, so everyone is free to do whatever they like.

    I'm sad about the PCPlus parking because the owner was OK with climbers parking on her lot when I talked to her early in the year. I think because of the traffic, it has gotten overwhelming.

    Please remember to be respectful of the residents and business owners in the area as we share this precious MA ice climbing spot.


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