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  1. Boze

    Boze New Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I could see the route from the Northway last weekend, but I wasn't sure if it was in. Next year...
  2. IceBob

    IceBob New Member

    Hey all, I lost an ice screw (BD, blue handle) on the Cascade Waterfall or Green Gully yesterday, probably toward the top of the Cascade. I subsequently broke my foot so now I can't go back and look...shoot me an email ([email protected]) if you find it...

    P.S. Green Gully is in awesome shape right now!
  3. Franck G

    Franck G New Member

    Hi There,
    Anyone have infos of Trap Dike ( anyone have made the slide top-able ?) and Cascade slide ? Still Ice ? Top-able ?
    Thank a lot !

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