Accident, left gear behind

Discussion in 'Lost & Found' started by Tooldtoclimb, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Tooldtoclimb

    Tooldtoclimb New Member

    Had an accident on goofers slab. In our haste to get our partner to the ER we left behind gear. Two BD screws with slings on the climb and one Nomic ice tool on the approach. We would appreciate any help on getting things back.

    Thank you, Tom

    PS injured climber will be okay he will be back out in a month or two
  2. KOB

    KOB New Member

    Hi Tom,

    I have your stuff, I can drop it off at IME if that works or meet locally. Hope your partner is doing well. You can call me at 617-637-6878

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