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  1. powderjew
    powderjew gunnar
    Gunnar. just back from ADK tonight. Specifically Chapel Pond canyon. Even on a sunday there were very few people with outstanding conditions. There is still a phenomenal amount of ice in there. Heard the same about Pitchoff north as well. I know the quarry is close to home but i have my doubts about it. Take the ride west brother. It won't dissapoint!
  2. YvesD
    YvesD christopher
    Hi Chris . Am interested but living in Cambridge (MA) . So will depend where you are driving from ? Yves
    1. christopher
      YvesD, I'm coming up from CT. Do you have wheels at all? I have a car so I could probably pick you up somewhere. It would probably be easiest if you could meet me somewhere out side the city, but if need be I can swing thru. What are you comfortable climbing? What do you have for gear?
      Jan 23, 2018
    2. christopher
      All I have is a couple of screws. Plenty of slings and a trad rack but I'm not trying to lead in anything hard. Let me know your thoughts.
      Jan 23, 2018
  3. Diana
    Diana ericontherocks
    Hi Eric, Would you consider $180 for the crampons and shipping? I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  4. Diana
    Diana ericontherocks
    Hi Eric,
    I'm located in Milford, CT. Kerhonkson, NY is quite a ways, would you be willing to meet somewhere to save some driving time?, or would you prefer to ship? I'd be able to meet Friday during the day and also Saturday as well.
    1. ericontherocks
      I'd prefer to shop them. Cost should be about 10 through usps priority shipping.
      Jan 10, 2018
    2. ericontherocks
      If you'd like to purchase. PayPal is the best payment option. To [email protected] Total is $210 and I should be able to shop today or tomorrow at the latest
      Jan 10, 2018
  5. Diana
    Diana ericontherocks
    Hi Eric, I'm messaging you to see if the crampons you had posted are still for sale. Thanks!
    1. ericontherocks
      Yes. These crampons are still for sale
      Jan 10, 2018
  6. Greg Starner
    Greg Starner Tom DuBois
    That sounds good Tom.
    8 Knoll Acres
    Horseheads, Ny
    My phone is 6077421354. You can text me.
    I can use paypal or a check, money order?
  7. mat schottenfeld
    mat schottenfeld IndianOnIce
    Hi, just saw your post to me.
    weather looks cold this Saturday so I am climbing on Sunday only in catskills, but will be going to Daks the weekends of Jan 13 and 20th.
    would like to hook up and climb together. let me know if either or both weekend work for you. I see conditions look good up there. I know of some really good off the beaten trail routes if you want to climb some spicy stuff.
  8. IndianOnIce
    Currently on the North America Ice Exploration - 2018.
  9. Franck G
    Franck G
    Mountains for all
  10. BenCarlson
    It's not climbing 'till you're bleeding.
  11. Westley Shaffer
    Westley Shaffer
    Willing to travel to New York- South, New York - North if partners are needed!
  12. jhayes
    Cursed to be an ice climber in Western, PA, I endeavor to persevere.
  13. nick pearson
    nick pearson Jacon
    Hi Jacon,
    Whereabouts are you? I'm in Amherst NH, Dave is in RI and Mat is in Manchester NH, if you like I can coordinate getting their gear back to them. Happy to reimburse mailing costs, Let me know what would be most convenient for you.
  14. Luc-514
  15. alpinistmaestro
    alpinistmaestro eddy alcaraz
    You climb often in that Arietta/Caroga Area?
    1. eddy alcaraz
      eddy alcaraz
      To be honest except for Echo Cliff, I haven't climbed anything near Arietta. As I recall the rock was dirty and it was real thuggish climbing.
      Feb 8, 2017
  16. nick
    nick Joe Vitti
    hey joe. it coming up to the cats tomorrow and was wondering if its even worth it. do you know what the current condition are?
  17. Stephen Pucci
    Stephen Pucci
    nICEly Stoked
  18. Luc-514
    Luc-514 Mike Hazard
    Hey Mike, Chuck (AKA Rocknice2) also fabricates super stubbies, I've got a 6-7cm from him. Though you have to send him a 10cm or he can buy it for you. The BD 10cm had the thread closer to the hanger, meaning you'll keep more thread after it's machined down, something to look at when selecting the screw to use.
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  19. Mountain Man
    Mountain Man Mike R
    Hey Mike, Doyle Tarwater says hello, I'm going to be coming to Powkeepsie for several years. I hope to climb with you.
  20. Joe Vitti
    Joe Vitti Matt Murphy
    um, there seems to be some copy write issues with your profile pic. (and boy is your Housewife ugly!).
    1. Matt Murphy
      Matt Murphy
      Careful what you say...he bites!
      Dec 13, 2016
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    2. Joe Vitti
      Joe Vitti
      my experience is that his bark is worse than his bite
      Dec 15, 2016