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False Start…

5 yard penalty – repeat first down Article by Patrick Cooke It seems like every year I find myself in the same position -I’m ready for the season to start, but that perfect alignment of weather, work, partners, and family commitments just isn’t quite right.  Working at a boarding school, I am fortunate to have […]

Rhythm of the Seasons – Part Three

It’s been a busy few weeks, but the essays are graded, the exams are printed, and there’s time to relax and think about ice climbing again.  In Part One, you learned about my affinity for seasonal beverages and my one-track mind when it comes to the off-season.  In Part Two, I got all “dippy and […]

Is Winter Cancelled?

Earlier this month, NEice staff meteorologist, Smike, hedged his bets and gave a gloomy November forecast for ice aficionados: “Warm temps with a short bout of cold over the next 15 days. (Go grab some extra rock time) End of the month will crash into winter and it should hang on this time.” Recent evidence, […]

Ice Climbing Nova Scotia

Where will your next road trip be heading? Ouray? Canmore? Norway?  If you’re looking to break out of that NH/NY/VT routine but don’t want to drop the coin on a flight out west or to Europe, why not check out the climbing in Nova Scotia?  It may be 12 hours by car from Boston, but […]

Gear Ready for Adventure… Climber Not

It’s 4:00am Sunday morning, and the gear is packed and ready for a run up Mt. Lincoln.  Unfortunately, the climber is not. The culprit?  Laziness, sloth, lethargy, weariness… All apt descriptions in this case. The Backstory: 5:00pm Saturday – the climber, overwhelmed by the amount of work he needs to do over the weekend and […]

Halloween 2011 – Trick or Treat?

A Rare Treat in New England Leaves Winter Enthusiasts Wondering if it was Really a Mean Trick….  Article by Rich Palatino     It was only slightly over a week ago that I found myself sitting above Reppy’s Crack. While bringing up my partner, I couldn’t help but wonder when old Jack Frost would once […]

Rhythm of the Seasons – Part Two

In Part One of this article, we looked at the off season.  The off season is largely self-explanatory – there’s no ice to be climbed.  After the off season, but before the ice is reliably in shape, we’re faced with a period of uncertainty: Part Two: October-December “No Man’s Land” Article by Patrick Cooke Generations […]