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Frankenstein's Monster

There is a beast lurking in Crawford Notch… It has razor sharp teeth, scythe-like claws, a tail longer than it’s body, and it’s a mean mother$%#&er!!!! It is Frankenstein’s Monster, and it is wreaking havoc upon unsuspecting gumbies and seasoned hardmen alike. It is:  A RED SQUIRREL! Article by Patrick Cooke     That’s right, […]

Vertical Therapy: Pleasure and Pain – Taking the Sharp End

“Chris has led a vertical, candled amalgamation of slushy pillars. I can’t find my feet, I’m just hanging on. Even with a rope above me I’m terrified. My arms burn in a way I’ve forgotten they can. Panic clouds my mind. I can get my dual-points on my right foot to stick, but Chris’s mono-point on my left just wont. I can’t remember the last time I fell on an ice climb… never on lead, and maybe not even on TR. I’m afraid of failure and what it means.”

Bringing Your "A-Game"

I’m standing below a steep curtain of ice. The route looked ok from the car, though not great, and truth be told, I know I don’t have my “A-Game” this morning.  My arms, core, and back are shot from Saturday’s thrashing session as I scratched, hooked, clawed, flailed, and fell my way up Erik’s savagely […]

First Dates

First Dates.  We’ve all had them – those initial encounters with someone.  Usually it’s awkward, you’re trying too hard to look cool, you don’t know if offering to pay for the meal is chivalry or chauvinism, and you have no idea where things are going.  Other times it just clicks and works out perfectly. Article […]

Gear Review – Softshells

“The problem if you take reviewing gear seriously is the more you know, the more you realize how much you really don’t know. Which is OK, since damn few others know much when it comes to comparisons.”

Diary of an NEice Junkie…

How much time do you spend on NEice?  Are you an addict?  Do you come home from a day of climbing and immediately check to see what else people were doing?  Do you have a regular schedule?  Or do you just check it out whenever the time seems right?  These were some questions I was […]

Unfinished Business…

Cannon and I have a checkered past: I’ve backed off of more routes there than I’ve finished.  I’ve crawled my way down the talus after spraining my ankle.  Many consider consider Cannon their go to crag… for me, knowing I’m going to climb there the next day is a sure recipe for a restless night. […]

Small Victories

It’s mid-December and things are still looking like it’s early November.  Nevertheless, there IS some ice to climb out there! People are finding ice up on Mt. Washington and Mt. Webster, the Dike was climbed again, and there was ice to climb on the North Face of Pitchoff this weekend. I managed to finally get […]