Matt Horner’s Recovery Fund

Help Support Matt Horner’s Recovery

Matt Horner, one of the cornerstones of the Adirondack ice climbing community needs our help. Please visit the link below and give whatever you can to help.

“Matt had an ice climbing accident Feb 8, 2017, at Chapel Pond near Keene Valley. He fell 60 feet and suffered severe injuries. He was first taken to Elizabethtown Community Hospital, then transported via helicopter to the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, VT. His injuries include a 2cm brain hemorrhage, a severe concussion, multiple fractures in his face (a La Fort fracture), and soft tissue injuries to his right wrist, left knee, and hip.”

Bill Schneider


“Headed down South to spend time with my family, rest and have facial surgery to stabilize broken bones in my face while I’m there. Broke most of them:( Very fortunate to not have worse injuries! Still dealing with my head injury/concussion, so please don’t take it personally if I haven’t responded to messages (as I’m supposed to avoid screen time). I am blown away by all the love and help! Thank thank thank you! Thank you all so much for all the messages of love and support!” – Matt Horner

Source: Facebook, Bill Schneider, Matt Horner & Gofundme

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